Just another feminist post

Paper doll graffiti in a public street - Rome
Paper doll graffiti in a public street – Rome

So I was sitting in the metro the other day on my way back from the beach (yeah, we get to go to the beach in December here in Dubai. DIEE), I was astonished. Not by the looks I was getting from men, but by the fact that I found it so extremely normal that it was an automatic reflex of mine to zip up my jacket over the shorts and shirt I was wearing. This little scene got me thinking every time I received a disgusting look from other men at the bar, a mall, the supermarket or the beach. I am positive that not all men are the same, but this post goes out specifically to the ones I’m talking about.

Dear men,

I am waiting for the day that I, an many other women on planet earth, will be confident enough to go out wearing whatever the hell we want and not think about looking “slutty” or getting looks and comments by you.

I do not know what makes you think that you can grab, whistle, or whisper when we did not give you any opportunity to do so. You are losing respect for yourself and lowering yourself to the level of dog shit on a sunny day. 

I don’t understand how you can even look at other women when your girl is standing right next to you. She is there for a reason. She is probably putting up with a whole list of your bullshit. At least give her enough respect not to look like she is dating a dick. That will only make her look bad.

I get that you’re so confident that you can get any woman you want, but the one you’ve always dreamed of and wanted will not come to you if you keep looking at every single one you find attractive like a sex object. 

If I invite you over to my place, please don’t use it as an opportunity to try to get into my pants. And  if I get invited to your place, please don’t think that I automatically want to sleep with you. Again, remember the dog shit story. 

I will wear whatever I want because it makes me feel good about myself. Not to please you or your pathetic friends, trust me. 

Last but not least, if you respect your own mother or sister, please stop being a little shit and respect other women no matter who they are or what they look like.

Just because we own our sexuality does not give you the right to exploit it.









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