A letter to my father




Dear father,

Don’t worry, this is not a hate letter. It’s a thank you letter.

Thank you for being away all those years, as it taught me not to let people in easily.

Thank you for giving my mother such a hard time as I would never have become to strong independent woman she raised us to be.

Thank you for keeping us on a budget so tight that we had no choice but to appreciate every step we took forward.

Thank you for smoking so much that it forever made me disgusted of the habit.

Thank you for leaving us behind so that we could dig up and create our own path to a comfortable life.

Thank you for not teaching me about boys so that I could meet and experience first-hand who the biggest assholes on earth are and how to spot them.

Thanks for teaching us how addictive and destructive gambling can be to a family.

Most importantly, thank you for never changing. I would rather live the rest of my life knowing that you lived yours exactly the way you wanted to and not tied down to the idea of happiness.

By all means, thanks for being a less than average father and husband but a great role model for all the wrong reasons. I will forever look up to you and the valuable lessons you didn’t even know you taught us.

RIP. 9/01/2013


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